The journey of Tom Thumb II - Book cover

Paperback. 35 pages packed with full-page colour images interwoven with the story and excerpts from Matthew Flinders’ own journal.

ISBN 9780994470508

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A summary of the story

In one short week exploring the coast south of Botany Bay, Matthew Flinders, George Bass and their servant-boy William Martin had a series of adventures. They set out to locate a river Henry Hacking had described, but on the way:

  • they sailed too fast and too far south
  • their boat was dumped by the surf on the beach at Towradgi
  • at Lake Illawarra’s entrance they cut hair and trimmed the beards of the friendly Aboriginal people, but ended up fleeing in fear of their lives when a group of men jumped into the boat
  • a summer storm nearly wrecked their tiny vessel beneath the cliffs of the Royal National Park before they found shelter at Wattamolla …
  • and when they finally ‘discovered’ the Hacking River they were surrounded by sharks!

Tom Thumb II sketch

Tom Thumb II journey - map